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Lil Yachty is a rapper and singer, who first made it into the mainstream with his 2015 singles 'One Night' and 'Minnesota'. Born in Georgia as Miles Parks Mcollum, when he started rapping he decided to opt for the stage name 'Lil Yachty'. He is currently signed as an artist to a joint venture between the leading record labels Capitol Records and Motown records. His distinctive style has been described as many things by music critics, but Lil Yachty describes his own style as 'bubblegum trap'. Trap music is a well known extension of rap and RnB music which has become popular since the turn of the millennium. In March 2016, Lil Yachty debuted his first mix tape, which followed on his nautical theme by being called 'Lil Boat'. He later worked on a few collaborations that really helped him to kick start his career as it was with better known rappers that really got him onto the right platforms. He collaborated with Chance the rapper on his mix tape colouring book, and also with D.R.A.M on his single 'Broccoli' As well as music, he also has a keen interest in fashion. Lil Yachty modelled for Kanye West's famous 'Yeezy' collection during season 3 at Madison Square Garden. This platform really helped to elevate him into the public eye, and since then he has embarked on a tour and started wiring new music. The beginning of 2017 has seen Lil Yachty work on collaborations with different artists off of the back of working with Kanye West as a model. After releasing his second mix tape 'summer songs' in July 2016, he featured on the hit single 'I Spy' with Kyle. As well as doing a tour and writing new music, Lil Yacthy is also currently working on an endorsement with Sprite.

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